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If you're planning a fishing trip to Colorado, then look no further than Brad Petersen Outdoors! This guided fishing service knows all the best spots for catching the biggest fish in Colorado. Brad Petersen Outdoors' fishing reports are a must-read before you embark on your next adventure. Their fishing reports cover everything from what type of bait to use, to weather conditions and water temperatures. He even gives advice on where to find hidden gems that most anglers overlook! With their help, you'll be able to reel in some trophy-worthy catches and make memories that will last a lifetime.

We get these questions a lot. Where is the best fishing in Colorado right now? What is the best time to fish in Colorado? Where is the biggest fish in Colorado? First things first –Well, the best fishing in colorado all depends on what kind of fish you're after. Generally speaking, spring and fall are great times for trout fishing. During these seasons, the water temperatures are just right and the trout are more active as they prepare for winter or spawning season. If you're looking to catch bass or pike, summer is your best bet as they prefer warmer waters.