Brad Petersen Outdoors Fishing Photos

About Brad Petersen Outdoors' Fishing Pictures

Welcome to Brad Petersen Outdoors photo gallery! We are thrilled to showcase our latest fishing trips and the happy clients who have joined us in catching some incredible fish. Our gallery is filled with stunning shots of anglers reeling in impressive catches, against a backdrop of Colorado's breathtaking mountain scenery.

Our Colorado fishing guide is committed to providing an unforgettable fishing experience for everyone who joins us. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, we guarantee that you'll have an amazing time on our trips. Our guides are experts in their field and will take you to the best spots where you can catch everything from trout to bass, and everything in between.

So, sit back and enjoy browsing through our photo gallery. Get inspired by the amazing catches that others have made on our trips - who knows, it may just inspire your next adventure with us!

Brad Petersen Outdoors Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action. The Fish photos include Largemouth Bass (Also Called Green Trout, Black Bass), Smallmouth Bass (Also Called Black Bass, Bronzeback, Brownie, Gold Bass, Green Bass, Jumper), White Bass (Also Called Bass, Sand Bass, Silver Bass), Channel Catfish (Also Called Graceful Catfish, Catfish ), Crappie (Also Called Black Crappie, White Crappie ), American Yellow Perch (Also Called Lake Perch, Perch ), Northern Pike (Also Called water wolf, common pike, snake, great northern pike, American pike, jackfish, Great Lakes pike, grass pike, pickerel, longhead, and snot rocket), Rainbow Trout (Also Called ), Walleye (Also Called Blue Pike, Dory, Glass Eye, Gray Pike, Marble Eye, Pike-Perch, Yellow Pike-Perch ), Freshwater Drum (Also Called Drum Fish, Gaspergou, Gou, Sheephead, croaker, thunder pumper, grunter, grinder, bubbler). The Fishing photos are taken in Boyd Lake, Jackson Gulch Reservoir